Maribel Fierro (ILC) coeditora y coautora del libro "The Maghrib in the Mashriq. Knowledge, Travel and Identity"

Publicado el libro "The Maghrib in the Mashriq. Knowledge, Travel and Identity" editción de Maribel Fierro (ILC, CCHS-CSIC) y de Mayte Penelas (Escuela de Estudios Árabes, CSIC)

This book is about the impact that knowledge produced in the Maghrib (Islamic North Africa and al-Andalus) had on the rest of the Islamic world. Senior and junior scholars from different institutions all over the world discuss how knowledge produced in the Maghrib was integrated in the Mashriq starting with the emergence and construction of the concept ‘Maghrib’, how travel allowed the reception in the Maghrib of knowledge produced in the Mashriq as well as the transmission of locally produced knowledge outside the Maghrib, and the different ways in which such transmission took place. Furthermore the book analyzes how the Maghribis who stayed or settled in the Mashriq manifested their identity. In general, the study is of interest for understanding the complex and shifting dynamics between local and global contexts as regards intellectual production and circulation.

The book has been prepared within the  Research Project "Local contexts and global dynamics: al-Andalus and the Maghrib in the Islamic East (AMOI)", funded by the Spanish Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities (FFI2016-78878-R AEI/FEDER, UE) and directed by Maribel Fierro and Mayte Penelas.

The following scholars from the CSIC have participated:
- Maribel Fierro (ILC) and Mayte Penelas (Escuela de Estudios Arabes), Introduction.
- Abdennour Padillo (Escuela de Estudios Arabes-CSIC, Granada), “Al-Andalus in al-Muḫtaṣar fī aḫbār al-bašar of Abū l-Fidāʾ”.
- Maribel Fierro (Institute of the Languages and Cultures of the Mediterranean-CSIC), “Mālikī jurists from the Maghrib and al-Andalus in post-Fatimid Egypt”.
- Adday Hernández (ILC-CSIC, Madrid) “The traces of the Medieval Islamic West in modern Eastern Africa. Andalusi and Maghribi Works in the Horn of Africa".
- Víctor de Castro, “Ibn Saʽīd al-Maghribī: Egypt as part of the Maghrib", former member of the ILC, now at the Institute for the History of Science of the Max Planck Gesellschaft.

Available in Open Access.

The Maghrib in the Mashriq. Knowledge, Travel and Identity. Edited by: Maribel Fierro and Mayte Penelas. De Gruyter, 2021 - Series: Studies in the History and Culture of the Middle East, 40