Vicente Rodríguez Rodríguez (IEGD) coedita el libro "Environmental Gerontology in Europe and Latin America. Policies and Perspectives on Environment and Aging"

Environmental Gerontology in Europe and Latin America. Policies and perspectives on environment and agins es el título del libro editado por Vicente Rodríguez Rodríguez (IEGD, CCHS-CSIC) y Diego Sánchez González (Universidad de Nuevo León, México).

Descripción en inglés

This book looks at the relationships between the physical-social environment and the elderly in Europe and Latin America, from the Environmental Gerontology perspective and through geographical and psychosocial approaches. It addresses the main environmental issues of population ageing, based on an understanding of the complex relationships, adjustments and adaptations between different environments (home, residence, public spaces, landscapes, neighbourhoods, urban and rural environment) and the quality of life of the ageing population, associated with residential strategies and other aspects related to health and dependency. The different levels of socio-spatial analysis are also explored: macro (urban and rural environments, regions and landscapes), meso (neighbourhood, public space) and micro (personal, home and institution). New theoretical and methodological approaches are proposed to analyse the attributes and functions of the physical-social environment of the elderly, as well as new ways of living the ageing process. All will have to respond to the challenges of urbanisation, globalisation and climate change in the 21st century. Also, the different experiences and challenges of public planning and management professionals involved with the growing ageing population are presented, and will require greater association and collaboration with the academic and scientific fields of Environmental Gerontology.

Vicente Rodríguez Rodríguez is Research Professor at the Institute of Economics, Geography and Demography, Centre for Human and Social Sciences, Spanish National Research Council (IEGD-CCHS-CSIC). He belongs to the Deparment of Population and is member of the Research Group on Ageing.

Environmental Gerontology in Europe and Latin America. Policies and perspectives on environment and aging. Sánchez-González, Diego and Rodríguez Rodríguez, Vicente (Eds.). New York: Springer Publishing Company, 2015 - 284 pág. Series International Perspective on Aging, 13

ISBN (13): 978-3-319-21418-4.

eBooK ISBN: 978-3-319-21419-1.