Alberto Corsín Jiménez

Email: alberto.corsin-jimenez [at]
Phone: (+34) 916022445
Office: 1F21
Investigador Científico de OPIS
Instituto de Lengua Literatura y Antropología
Departamento de Antropología
Group: Antropología Social y Cultural

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I am an anthropologist – of cities, science, and traps. Yes, traps!

As an anthropologist of cities I am particularly interested in informal, guerrilla and frontier urban processes in Latin America and Europe. For the past ten years years I have been studying the work of “free culture” urban activism. I am interested in how such expressions of free urbanism compare with other accounts of informality in the city (auto-construction, makeshift urbanism, slum urbanism, etc.), as well as in the socio-technical assemblages through which such free and open-source projects problematize forms of urban complexity anew.

I have also an interest in the history and ethnography of science and experimentation. In particular, I have been drawn to the study of “interfaces”, understood as technical and experimental designs between nature and culture. I have studied in this context the development of open-source prototypes (linked to my interest in free culture activism). But I have also developed an interest in the comparative anthropology of traps, perhaps the paradigmatic technology of nature-culture encounters.

I studied social anthropology at Oxford University (PhD / D.Phil 2001) and the London School of Economics (MSc 1996). I am currently Reader in Social Anthropology in the Department of Social Anthropology at the Spanish National Research Council in Madrid.

Scientific output

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