Social and Cultural Anthropology


The Research Group (RG) comprises previously fragmented research groups and seeks to bring on board the largest possible number of present and future members of the ILLA's Department of Anthropology. It covers anthropological research of societies in a broad sense, and its members’ interests intersect at multiple levels, giving rise to interconnections that can then be consolidated by integrating them into wider Interdisciplinary Thematic Platforms (ITP). The group engages with debates on the nature and forms of social memory, its transnational deployment and the relationship between memory and power; transitional and environmental justice and their relationship with human rights; education politics; urban justice and the anthropology of science; and the study of archaic societies. The group’s members are on the editing team of the CSIC academic journal Disparidades: Revista de Antropología (known, until 2018, as Revista de Dialectología y Tradiciones Populares).