II International Conference: War and Society in the Spanish Monarchy: Politics, Strategy and Culture in Early Modern Europe (1500-1700)

Salas José Castillejo 0D1 y Menéndez Pidal 0E18
Organized by: Enrique García Hernán (IH, CCHS-CSIC)
In 2005 Enrique García Hernán and Davide Maffi organised an international conference on the theme of 'War and Society in the Spanish Monarchy. Politics, Strategy and Culture in Early Modern Europe (1500-1700)'. This 'congreso' was held in Madrid and brought together over eighty scholars from across Europe and America. It sought to showcase new interpretations and to compare and contrast arguments which had often previously been rehearsed and debated within the narrower confines of national academic environments. The conference and two-volume proceedings (published Madrid, 2006) sought to provide a platform to new ideas and original points of emphasis and comparison.
The years since 2005 have witnessed a flowering of research into the military history of the early modern period. In 2015 Professor García Hernán and Dr.Maffi propose to organise a second conference examining the relationship between war, society and the state in the period between 1500 and 1700. The aim is four-fold: to continue to examine the phenomenon of early modern warfare within an international comparative framework and context; to assess the historiographical impact of the original volumes; to take into account new and original perspectives in the debates over state-formation, the 'business of war' and the relationship between elites, central government and governmental finances; to examine the impact of military activities upon political, financial and cultural systems and the extent to which institutions, ideas and values shaped strategic decisions and planning.
It is intended that particular emphasis will be placed upon maritime affairs and naval organisation. The conference will be divided into four sections: fleets and naval organisation; armies and warfare on land; political and cultural developments; war and society. The proceedings will be published by the Ministry of Defence of Spain. Proposals for papers should be sent to the Academic Secretary, Phillip Williams (guerraysociedad [at] csic.es), wíth abstract (600 words) and cv (300 words).


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