The Transmission of Byzantine Texts: Between Textual Criticism and Quellenforschung

Menéndez Pidal 0E18 Room
The workshop proposes a debate about the principles of Textual Criticism for Byzantine texts that should avoid too rigid approaches or even the laying of mechanical laws, but must instead pay attention to trends or cultural backgrounds that highly influence or even determine the work of the copyists. Concepts like interpolation, paraphrasis, metaphrasis, quotation and expanded quotation, collection-sylloge, amplification, falsification must be taken into account and their mechanisms tightly defined in order to provide the editor with a rich typology that may orientate his task.
Organized by: Inmaculada Pérez Martín (ILC-CCHS). Research line East in West: Challenging Borders and Juan Signes Codoñer (Univ. de Valladolid)
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