History of Art and Visual Culture

Researcher in charge: Miguel Cabañas Bravo



The group aims to study the visual culture and the artistic processes in the modern societies (15th and 21st centuries), especially during contemporaneity. It departs from the novelties linked to the printing invention, regarding reproductibility and the spreading of images and texts, up to the globalized visual culture, opened to new technologies and digital humanities. This interdisciplinary focus integrates traditional perspectives and genders of the discipline with other artistic, critic, graphic and documentary realities and approaches to collective imaginaries. Among the research lines which are currently developed, the historical-artistic and heritage studies based on the photographic and documental legacies, the Spanish art (19th to 21st centuries), the artistic politics, iconography, the relationship between dance and visual arts, the gender perspective, the articulations art-politics-activism and an ecological review of modern cultural imaginaries are especially outlined.

The G.R. aims to contribute to the generation of knowledge about western art between the 15th and 21st centuries, especially in the contemporaneity. The Art History as an independent humanistic discipline offers an essential tool for understanding the other, for looking at the complexity of our society through the artistic creation, its processes and its reception both in the present and in the past, in order to enrich our way of looking the future and facing its challenges.


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